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As custom jewelry designers we have appreciated elk ivory for it's beauty and meaning. This work has awarded us the privilege of connecting with sportsmen and admirers nationwide Nordstrom Coupon Codeto spread awareness of nature's genuine art. We are consistently awed by the pleasure received in seeing another set of unique Wapiti buglers, and what this magnificent animal represents.

We are able to give you specialized and personal consultations about mounting your Ivory to Nordstrom Rack Couponspecifically suit your needs. All items are handmade, and there is no limitation to implementing your ideas.

Our designs can be enhanced by using colored stones such as Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz and also Diamonds. We also offer inlaid stones such as Lapis, Onyx and especially Opal which can beautify your ivory in spectacular ways.

To make our mission even more rewarding, we work in alignment with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) by donating proceeds and fine jewelry pieces on a consistent basis.

We offer monthly discount specials so check our website often. (www.elkjewelry.com)

Catalog Extract - For images, please click an item name and scroll up.
Please see LP 47
LP 01-Petal Elk Pendant
A metal flower petal encircles your ivory in a highly-polished setting. Your choice of precious metal, your ivory or ours, (prices below are calculated for using your ivory).
LP 02-Antlered Elegance
This is the Queen of our designs! Mount your ivory in our antlered necklace and you will feel the regal elegance of majestry.
LP 03-Seven or nine on the Side
Look at the brilliance of this setting with seven or nine stones encircling your tooth! Pictured here with CZs, you may choose which stones to line the side of your ivory. Prices will vary with choices.
LP 04-Classic with Stone
This classic design holds your elk tooth and decorates it with a CZ, or the stone of your choice.
LP 05-Elk Heads Setting
Two beautifully formed elk heads frame your ivory in a wonderfully detailed setting. Stones could be added. There are earrings that match this pendant; item number LE06.
LP 06-Flame Elk Pendant
A flame shaped curl of precious metal loops around to hold your ivory in fire.
LP 07-Ivory With Rubies
Try this brilliant design as a gift for that someone special in your life! Pictured here with three rubies, however, this piece could be made with the stones you select.
LP 08- Loops and Curls
This magnificant pendant has your ivory surrounded by ribbons of gold. Accented with diamonds and a beautiful red garnet.
LP 09-Swirl Wrap
This elegant, highly polished, clean design has been popular with the ladies because of the size and unique appearance.
LP 10-Elk Tooth Pendant
This pendant looks great with just about anything. Pictured here, an elk tooth set in sterling silver to accentuate its natural beauty.
LP 11-Ivory and CZ and ruby
This delicate and clean design would make a pleasing gift for any occassion! The CZ and ruby, or any stone of your choice, accents the stlye to create a modern look. Call for quotes on alternating stones.
LP 12-Elks Lodge Cap
This is a traditional cap pendant with an Elks Lodge symbol on it.
LP 13-J Design with CZ
This delicate design is the shape of a loose J. Pictured with a CZ, this could be made with a diamond or birthstone if you prefer. This pendant made with your ivory makes a wonderful gift.
LP 14-Elk Tooth Two Color
This two-tone delicately set pendant goes great with about anything. The price listed for silver is with 14K Gold accent; the price for 14K Gold uses yellow and white gold.
LP 15-Traditional Cap
Our traditional cap piece is a favorite of both men and women. This design is a basic starter point that can have anything you personally wish added onto the cap as an enhancement at an additional charge.
LP 16-Sophistication with Stone
Add your birthstone, or any stone of your choice, to this sophisticated design. This pendant sets the stage to any outfit adding grace and elegance.
LP 17-Ivory Teardrop with CZ
This is one of our newer designs that shines in simple elegance. The CZ, or any stone of your choice, truely sets off the ivory.
LP 18-Elk Head Ivory
What better way to show your ivory than with a beautiful elk head and antlers. There are earrings to match this pendant perfectly.
LP 19-Elk Scene
A wonderful delicate pendant depicting Elk in the wild, circled with a band of gold or silver. An ivory can also be added to this pendant at an additional charge.
LP 20-Ivory with a Twist
This is a versatile pendant that can go elegant and sporty at the same time. An enhancing stone can be added in the loop for a more dressy look. There are also earrings that match perfectly.
LP 21-Mother and Child Ivory
A brand new design that says it all for the women that love "Mother and Child" theme jewelry.
LP 22-Heart Of It All with CZ
This will always be a favorite among women that love heart designs. This pendant can come with or without the CZ. It is perfect both ways, call for price adjustment.
LP 23-The Swan with CZ
With the likeness of a Swan, your ivory will sit in a fluid form that emphasizes the rarity of the tooth. Enhanced with a CZ, this stone can be changed for any you would prefer. Call for price adjustment.
LP 24-Dancing Ivory
When I look at this pendant I see dancer's legs. It brings a smile as it depicts graceful movement. Stones can be added in many places with this design.
LP 25-Ridged Swirl
An enchanting swirl encircles your ivory with a ridged effect. Stones can be added to enhance this design, call for pricing.
LP 26-Ivory with Opal and Diamonds
On either side of this elk ivory are lovely opal pieces set in gold. On one side three diamonds perch above the opal. It can be special ordered with any stone, your choice of opal color, and comes in 14k gold.
LP 27-Curved Ivory and Opal inlay peice.
A very elegant design for a lady. A curved peice with ivory and opal inlay. A great gift.
LP 28-Two horse heads with with stone.
This is a two horse head pendant with stone below. Can be made with Elk Ivory at bottom as well. Could have inlay on horse heads. Use your ideas, call for other options.
LP 29-Ivory Heart
A beautiful peice that has two peices of ivory, side by side in the middle of a heart shaped peice.
LP 30-Two elk head with ivory.
Two elk heads facing each other, with a beautiful peice of ivory in the middle of them.
LP 31-Elk ivory with Elk head
This pendant is well loved by the men, as well as women. The elk head is set just beneath your ivory. This could also be a great tie tack!
LP 32-Perfect Inlay
This pendant has the perfect balance of inlayed ivory and opal!
LP 33-Red Stone with Hoof Print
This pendant has a large red stone and a hoof print dangling from it. Can be made with most colors of stone.
LP 34- Arrow Head Pendant
This pendant is a hand carved arrow head with your ivory nestled in the center. Great for anyone who is an archery shooter!
LP 35-Elk Head Pendant
This simple pendant has an elk head and light wieght, great for anyone! Check out our matching earrings in the Ladies Earrings catagory!
LP 36-Ivory and diamonds
This is a one of a kind pendant with ivory and 18 diamonds!
LP 37-Opal and Ivory Pendant
This is a fabulous piece, it has inlayed ivory and lapis with a beautiful piece of opal in the center!
LP 38-Abstract Ivory
This pendant has an abstract design with an ivory and small stones.
LP 39-Sideways Ivory
This piece is unique with its ivory because the ivory hangs horizontal instead of vertical. This will surely catch peoples attention!
LP 40- 4 Ivories
This pendant holds 4 of your ivories, and is a larger and heavier piece.
LP 41- Abstract Inlay
This pendant has a very different shape. It is shown here with inlayed ivory and lapis, but you may use onyx, opal, and purple. Call with your ideas.
LP 42- Lots of Diamonds
This beautiful piece has 32 czs it all udds up to 1 ct tw. It is pictured here with czs it can be made with any colored stones or diamonds. Call with your ideas!
LP 43- Sapphire V
This pendant has a V-shape of 14 blue sapphires. This can be made with most colored stones. Please call with your ideas!
LP 44- The Trail
This pendant has a pink stone next to your ivory, but can be made with most colored stones.
LP 45- Ribbons and Ivory
This pendant has an ivory in the center and a ribbon of silver around it. Don't forget the matching earrings(LE 05)!
LP 46- Spectacular Ivory
This magnificent pendant has a crescent shape that hugs your prized ivory. accented with three diamonds and a stone. Shown here in 14k yellow gold with a garnet, but can be made with most simulated colored stones. Please call for pricing on any genuine stone.
LP 47- Ivory Slide
This pendant can be used as a slide on an omega or neck ring!
LP 48- Slow Dive Ivory with Diamonds
This is a one of a kind pendant. It is 14k yellow gold with three round diamonds in the center and channel set baguettes, with your ivory dangling from the bottom.
LP 49- Simple Ivory with cz
This pendant has a very simple design, and an accent stone. Can be made with most colored stones; or add a diamond for an additional $110! Please call for pricing on any genuine colored stone.
LP 50- V Stone Ivory
This pendant has a small V shape just above your ivory. Pictured here with a cz, but it can be made with any stone you want. Please call for pricing on any genuine stone.
LP 51- Large Horse Cameo
This pendant is a genuine cameo, set into a silver setting. See our matching earrings, LE 26!
LP 52- Small Horse Cameo
This pendant has a genuine cameo set into a silver setting. Great for any horse lover. See our matching earring, LE 26!
LP 53- Elegant V Pendant
This pendant has a V shape all in gold. Dangling from the V is your ivory, with an accent diamond above.
LP 54- Ivory Inlay and Opal
This pendant is 14k yellow gold, with a small strip of ivory and opal. See our matching earrings LE 21!
LP 55- J Ivory with Black Diamonds
This pendant has your ivory nestled in a J shape with black diamonds on the side. Note: Gold price comes with genuine diamonds, but silver comes with cz's.
LP 56- Diamond Shape
This pendant has your ivory set in a diamond shape of metal. Feel free to change the color of the accent stone!
LP 57- 2010 Donation Pendant
This is our brand new 2010 donation pendant!!!
twistie design
Larger than most with a twist design
LR 01-Two Step Ivory Nest with CZ
Our newly developed two step design rests your ivory in style. The picture shown is with a CZ, but you can use any colored stone you like.
LR 02-Step It Up with CZ
This is a simple design that still looks sophisticated. A swirling pattern spreads out to cradle your tooth in a lovely setting. This is pictured with a CZ, but you can use any colored stone you like. Or add a diamond for only $120!
LR 03-Side Ridged Design
This ring's unique side-ridged design draws the eye to the ivory in the center. Highly polished, this is something that people will remember!
LR 04-Flowing Design
This ring's flowing design and lines show off your ivory as a generous sweep of precious metal encircles your tooth. One of our most interesting settings!
LR 05-Heavy Set Ladies Ring
This heavy piece has a modern, distinctive look. A great gift for your loved one!
LR 06-Wrap Around
Wrap your ivory in diamonds and luxurious gold. This exotic ring has your ivory set with 10 diamonds!
LR 07-Antler Design
This sleek design features an antler cradling your ivory with 4 diamonds accenting it on the other side. Please note: Only the gold comes with diamonds, the silver price is with cz's.
LR 08-Best of Both
This is our Ladies version of MR10 for the men. An excellent graphically detailed antler and hoof print adorning each side in enameled black.
LR 09-Simplicity with CZ
As elegant as you can imagine. The CZ gives this ring just the touch of added glamour. You can use any colored stone you like, or add a diamond for only $120!
LR 10-Antlers Have It
Double-sided antlers hold your ivory high and proud. A beautiful display for your elk tooth.
LR 11-Majestic Nest with CZ
This sleek and sophisticated design will enhance your elk ivory to it's fullest strength. One diamond on the side, or add any other stone of your choice to further beautify your ivory.
LR 12-Antler Nest
This perfect nest with antlers on both sides holds your ivory beautifully.
LR 13-Regally Ridged
This is a beautifully soft ridged design that looks beautiful in white or yellow gold.
LR 14-From Tip to Trail with CZ
What a fabulous ring to get your imagination working! All rings come with a synthetic stone with your choice of color. If you would like a genuine stone you must call for pricing.
LR 15-Wrap around design three diam and opal
This rings wraps around the ivory and has three diamonds on the side to accent it. Down the wider side of the band a beautiful piece of opal is inlayed. You can choose your color of stones, and your color of opal to match!
LR 16-Oval garnet with three hoof tracks on sides
This beautiful oval stone is placed on a band with three elk hoof prints running down either side. You may choose any color of synthetic stone, or call for pricing on any genuine stone.
LR 17-Garnet and two tracks
This ring holds a beautiful oval stone in the center and has two elk tracks running down each side. You may choose any color of sythetic stone, or call for pricing on any genuine stone.
LR 18-Diamond on side
ladies very clean design with cz's on the side, or you may use any color of stone you like. Note: silver price comes with cz's, and the gold prices come with diamonds.
LR 19-Non elk design
Ladies ivory ring with no frill. Can have elk track on side or with out.
LR 20-Ivory and diamonds ring
This ring has an ivory and large cz's down the side! Can add diamonds if you want; please call for pricing.
LR 21-Large Blue Stone Ring
This ring has inlayed ivory on both sides and a large blue stone in the middle. You can choose any color of synthetic stone, or call for pricing on any genuine stone.
LR 22-Inlay Ivory and Stone
This delicate ring has inlayed ivory on the sides and a stone in the middle. It can be made with most colors of synthetic stones, or call for pricing on any genuine stone.
LR 23- Smooth Sapphire
This ring has a smooth look, it is very classic. It has a sapphire for an accent, but it can be any stone you like.
LR 24-Triangles
This unique women's ring has inlayed ivory and can be made with most colored stones.
LR 25- Clean Cut
This ring is very similar to LR 33, but it does not have the elk tracks. Great for anyone!
LR 26- Unique Lines
This beautiful ring has inlayed ivory, and is pictured here with a synthetic sapphire. It can be made with most colors of stones, call for pricing of any genuine stone.
LR 27- Swirl Design with Sapphires
This ring has three sapphires next to your ivory. Can be made with most colors of simulated stones, call for pricing on any genuine stones.
Please see MR 16
MR 01-Elk Head
This is our most popular design in Men's Elk Ivory rings. It features an intricate carving of an elk head and antlers on one side, and a smooth polished finish on the other.
MR 02-The Grand Opus
This highly-polished ring accents the natural beauty of the ivory mounted within. Swirls rise up to hold your tooth in all its glory. A simple design that catches the light.
MR 03-Purely Ivory
This men's ring is a very simple, smooth-sided design that accentuates the beauty of elk ivory. It can also be made in Platinum or White Gold.
MR 04-Antler Setting with CZ
This design cradles an elk tooth in a beautifully carved antler setting. This is pictured with a CZ, but can be made with the stone of your choice.
MR 06-Majestic Elk
A majestic elk is carved on both sides of this exquisite ring. Your ivory rises above the hand-carved diorama. This ring can also be ordered with various stones added, call for price quote.
MR 07-Elk in the Wild
Elk majesty at it's finest! This scene is duplicated on three sides; pictured in White Gold and Yellow Gold versions.
MR 08-Steps and Stone
Stepped gold rises up to meet the ivory, set off with a diamond, (or other stone of your choice), for a simply elegant look. Or You may add a diamond to your ring, please call for pricing.
MR 09-Side Ridged Ring
Your ivory will nestle beautifully into this design. There are 4 ridges on each side, and you can add any stone of your choice at an additional charge.
MR 10-Hoof and Antler Ring
This setting is perfection with smoothly polished Silver or Gold, and striking cut out hoof and antler symbols on the sides.
MR 11-Framed With Antlers
A brilliant elk ivory, framed with finely-detailed carving of antlers, gives this ring a very distinct look. This is the right design for the hunter who seeks the unique.
MR 12-Two Finishes in One
Stylish elegance is portrayed in this Two Tone Men's Ring. Smooth and brushed silver or gold enhances your ivory to it's full expression.
MR 13-Smooth Sapphire
This is the prince of our styles. The sapphire enhances your ivory with just a touch of color and splendor. Any gem of your choice can be used, please call for pricing of stones.
MR 14-Hammered Perfection
Just the right touch of hammered gold gives your ivory an illustrious timeless look.
MR 15-Purity and Power
On it's own your ivory stands out in all it's glory. This purely simplistic design speaks for itself in timeless elegance.
MR 16-Heirloom Ring
A row of cz's accent one side of this fine piece. Smooth-sided for simplicity, this ring is a great choice for the man who prefers an uncluttered appearance. Or you can add diamonds, please call for pricing. Can be made in two tone for $100 more.
MR 17-Cross Ivory
This men's ring has an elk on one side and an inlayed cross on the other. This piece does not have to have a cross, it can be an elk track if you would like. Note: This ring is pictured with two tone so the pricing is a little different than it being one color. Silver base with yellow gold elk is $100 more, white gold with yellow gold is also avalable.
MR 18-Open Hoof
Such elegant beauty is captured in this open hoof men's ring. Wear your ivory in stately style in Gold or Silver.
MR 19-Capitol Elegance with CZ
A design he will treasure for a lifetime. Pictured here with CZ, this ring can hold a diamond of your choice. The side panels of an elk scene gives this piece tremendous strength.
MR 20-Elk and Tracks
A staple design with an elk head and two elk tracks on the side. And a beautiful peice of ivory in the middle.
MR 21-Ivory with 1/2 ct diamonds
This gold mens ring has 3 diamonds on side.The silver has CZ's Elk can be made in the same or another color to accent the elk for $100 more. Could be made with colored stones like ruby, or sapphires. Could be made in white gold as well. Call with your ideas.
MR 22-Two Ivory ring
This is a mans ring, it has 2 ivorys side by side. The side with mountains can be plain or with elk tracks.
MR 23-Double Elk Head
This mens ring has a beautiful elk head on each side. Great for any man! Can be made in two tone for $125 more
MR 24-Elk Head with Nuggets
This is the same design as MR 25 Elk Head but with real gold nuggets down the side!
MR 25-Elk Head Ring
This ring is similar to MR 01 but with a different style of elk head.
MR 26-Ivory and large cz's
This ring has your ivory set in the middle with three large cz's on both sides. Gold ring has diamonds 1/3 ct. total. You can add colored stones, please call for pricing.
MR 27- Elk and Mountains
This ring has an elk on one side and a beautiful hand carved mountain scene on the other. Great for anyone who lives along the Rockys!
MR 28-Inlayed Mens Ring
This mens ring has inalyed ivory and inlayed onyx, but it can be made with lapis, purple, or opal.
MR 29- Elk Tracks
This ring is just like MR 14 and MR 15, but this ring has elk tracks on the side!
MR 30- CZ On The Side
This beautiful men's ring has cz accents on one side next to your magnificent ivory. Or you can add diamonds, please call for pricing.
MR 31- Elegant Tracks
This simple men's ring has two elk tracks on one side and an antler on the other. Great for men who like a smaller design.
MR 32- Antlers Setting
This ring has an antler on either side of your ivory. We can do two color (like in the pictures) but pricing is different. For silver base with yellow gold antlers is $100 more, or white gold base with yellow gold antlers is $100 more.
MR 33- Rimmed with Diamonds
This mens ring sets your ivory across your finger. Accented with lots of CZ's on the side. Please note: This ring can have diamonds or colored stones on the side. Call for price
MR 34- Horse Shoe Ring
This ring has an elk head on one side of your ivory and diamonds on the other. Pictured here with two colors, white base and gold elk head. ring is $100 extra for two color. Silver ring has CZ's not diamonds
MR 35- Heavy Men's Ring
This ring has an elk on one side of your ivory and 3/8 ct of diamonds running along the other side.
MR 36- Diamond Ridge
This ring has an elk on one side and elegant ridges on the other. Your ivory is perfectly accented by the 1/4 ct diamond. You could add up to 2 more stones on this design.
MR 37- A Step Up
This men's ring has a diagonal row of channel set round diamonds with a total weight of 1/5 ct. On one side is a elk head, and on the other side is an elk track that is cut out from the ring. Note: The gold prices have diamonds, but the silver price has cz's.
MR 38- Arrow and Elk
This ring is unique because it has an arrow head carved into one side. Great for anyone who is an achery shooter!
MR 39- Onxy Ring
This beautiful elk ring in silver has a large oval piece of onxy in the center, with elk tracks cut out on one side. Great for an elk lover who doesn't have ivory.
MR 40- Turquoise and Tracks
This silver men's ring has a large oval shape piece of turquoise in the center, and down one side are cut out elk tracks. Great for an elk lover who doesn't have ivory.
MR 41- Large Channel Set
This men's ring has an elk on one side, with 3/8 ct tw channel set diamonds on the other. Pictured here with a two tone. Note: Gold price has diamonds, but silver price has cz's. Two color is $100 more
WE 24-Inlayed Ivory and Small Color
This wedding ring has inlayed ivory, with a band on each side of turquoise. On each side are elk tracks that have been inlayed with onyx.
Use your ivory in our designs
All of our jewelry designs are made with customers Ivory. The price on the web is with your ivory. We add extra for our ivorys. We can alter one of our designs to fit your needs, like add elk track or make in two color etc. We also can design a new style for you with your ideas. Call for more information.
LE 01-Swooped Ivory
These brightly polished earrings cradle your set of teeth in a brilliant setting. These earrings are sure to get attention!
LE 02-Musical Ivory
These elegant earrings suggest the music of the wild with their note shaped appearance. Their distinctive design is a real eye-catcher!
LE 03-Elk ivory earrings with diamonds
Elk Ivory earrings with 5 diamonds on each. Can be made to dangle. White gold or yellow. The silver has CZ's on side.
LE 04-Elk Studs
This simple and small design is great for anyone! It's perfect to wear on a basic day, or going out!
LE 05-The Wave
Display your ivories proudly with this elegant wave design. The ridge down the middle gives this set a very contemporary appeal.
LE 06-Hanging Antlers
These earrings are fabulous for any age. They match, and look perfect, with our Ladies Pendant 02 (LP 02). The dimensions of this pair is 1 1/8" long and 1/4" wide.
LE 07- Ivory and Small Antlers
These earrings have small antler cradling your ivory. These are a great match with LP 04.
LE 08-Timelessly Traditional
These earrings match pendant LP18. What a great matching gift to share the magnificence of the Elk.
LE 09-Elk Elegance
Classic beauty comes to mind when you see these earrings. The smooth line of gold sets your ivory in brilliant color and style.
LE 10-Teardrop with CZ
These earrings are the match for Pendant LP17. What a stunning combination coupled with the timeless shape of the teardrop.
LE 11-Bedazzled Bezels with CZ
Pictured here with CZ stones above the ivories bringing a look of true stately glamour. The CZ can be replaced with any gemstone, such as your birthstone; call for price quote.
LE 12-Sporty and Spirited
If it's sporty you desire; if it's simplicity you desire; this design combines the Elk Spirit with sporty simplicity to capture the beauty of your ivory.
LE 13-Ivory With A Twist Earrings
These earrings are the stunning match to Pendant LP20. Pictured here with Amethyst, although any colored stone can be used to enhance your ivory.
LE 14-Opal inlay earrings
Opal inlay earrings, Can be made with opal,onyx, lapis and other stone, call with your ideas.
LE 15-Plain Design, Full Ivory
If you want a simple design that holds your entire ivory, this is the design for you!
LE 16-Elk Track Studs
Elk hoof track studs, 3/8 high, is great for anyone who likes small earrings.
LE 17-Center Dangle
These earrings have your ivory dangling in the center of an oval. These are elegant and classy, but can easily be dressed down. Great for someone who likes unique designs!
LE 18-Simply Elk
Great for anyone, young or older! This design is so simple anyone can wear them!
LE 19-Simple with Opal
These earrings have a small design of ivory and inlayed opal on the side. Ladies these earrings have a matching pendant, LP 27, you should check it out!
LE 20-Antler Wrap Around
These beautiful earrings have a unique antler design wrapped around your ivory.
LE 21-Inlay Ivory and Opal
These earrings have a small band of inlayed ivory and turquoise. they have a matching pendant under the pendants catagory.
LE 22-Purple Stone with Hoof Print
These earrings have a light purple stone and hoof prints dangling off them, can be made with most colors of stones.
LE 23-Blue Stone Earrings
These earrings have a large purple stone and hoof prints, can be made with most colors of stones.
LE 24-Red Stone and Elk
These earrings have a small red stone and an elk dangling from them, can be made in most stone colors.
LE 25-Waist and Lapis
This unique earring design is made from the waist of your ivory and has an inlay of lapis in the center.
LE 26- Horse Earrings
These earrings have carved horse heads on them. Ask about our matching horse cameo pendants!
LE 27- Large Antlers
These earrings are about 2 inches long! Great to catch anyone's attention!
LE 28- Ribbons and Ivory
These earrings have an ivory in the center and a ribbon of silver around it. Don't forget the matching pendant(LP 45)!
LE 29- Diamond Earrings
These earrings have diamonds that sit above your ivory. Perfect for anyone!
LE 30- Rubies and Ivory
These earrings are 14k yellow gold with genuine rubies that sit above your ivory. Can be made with any stone, please call for pricing.
LE 31-Spike It Up
These earrings are made to hold spikes. It's a nice twist on a classic design.
LE 32- Flat and Round
These earrings have an oval base with your ivory in the center.
LE 33- Rounded Elk Tracks
These simple earrings are flat with cut out elk tracks going down the side.
LE 34- Elk Head Earrings
These earrings were designed to match LP 30. They are very unique because they were designed to sit following the earlobe.
LE 35- Hammered Elk Tracks
These earrings have cut out elk tracks, and the whole earring is hammered for a rough look.
LE 36-Side Loop Earrings
Elk ivory earrings with accent loop on edge; and choice of stone over ivory. These earrings are the match to Ladies Pendant 51.
LE 37- Spectacular Ivory
These earrings have a cresent shape to nestle your ivory in; with accent stone at the bottom. Made to match our pendant LP 46!
LE 38- Top Dangles
These earrings have a beautiful trillion shape tanzanite above your ivory! Can be made with other stones, please call for pricing.
LE 39- Bottom Dangles
These earrings have garnets dangling from your ivory. Can be made with other stones, please call for pricing.
LE 40- Spiral Earrings
These earrings are so unique! The spiral top has an accent diamond that is sure to set of any ivory! Great for any woman with a more modern taste.
LE 41- Set of Threes
These earrings have 3 diamonds on top of 3 garnets; which all sit over your ivory. Can be made with other stones, please call for pricing.
AC 01-Antler Pin
This stylish pin is approximately three inches long and made to resemble an elk antler. This unique piece of jewelry can be ordered with stones or ivory added.
AC 02-Money Clip w/Elk Head
This simple money clip feartues a detailed carving of the face an elk head.
AC 03-Money Clip w/Teeth
This money clip has two elk teeth mounted on your clip, showing off their natural beauty. A very distinctive and unique piece.
AC 04-Money Clip w/antler
This money clip has an antler that craddles your magnificent ivory.
AC 05-Money Clip w/Elk Profile
This fabulous money clip features a intricately detailed carving of the side of an elk head.
AC 06-Lighter Case
Show off your style with this special lighter case. It holds a standard size Bic lighter, and features your ivory set in a feather carving. A great gift for the hunter that doesn't wear much jewelry!
AC 07-Trophy Elk Heads 1
These elk heads are a sample of the designs we can use on trophies or other creations we may use them for. They can work with various other designs as accents (such as put onto money clips, tie jewelry, etc). Please contact us for prices and availability.
AC 08-Trophy Elk Heads 2
These elk heads work with various other designs as accents. These are samples of the elk heads that we have available for trophies or other creations we may use them for. They can be put onto money clips, tie jewelry, and more! Please contact us for prices and availability.
AC 09-Traditional Bolo
Bolos are a favorite of both men and women. We've come a long way in bringing contemporary beauty to this old world classic design. Using your ivory and surrounding it with antlers. Have an idea for your special bolo? Call us and we will quote you a custom price.
AC 10-Elk Track Bolo
This bolo is unique with its antler around your ivory and elk tracks on the edge!
AC 11-Ivory Buttons!!!
For the man who has everything we offer these great shirt buttons using your ivory. Do as many or as few as you like; base pricing for 5 buttons. call for gold price.
AC 15- Elk Head Tie Tack
A bugeling elk makes a great tie tack. Great for any elk lover!
AC 16- Antique Pendant
This is an antique elk scene carved in ivory. We have added a 14k yellow gold bail.
antler cuff links
anler design cuff links in silver or make the antlers in gold on the silver Gold antlers are $100 more
antler money clip
Money clip with mountain and antler
Clean design
Very clean looking design. Can be made in two color as photo. $100 extra for two color
Hat band
A set of 3 or more, Price is for 3. Can be made in gold Call for price.
very plain design
These Cuff Links are simple with the ivory showing all the design
Trophy Creations
These are only a sample of the trophies we can create for you, (or a loved one, or hunting comrade). They are custom designed especially for you so you can choose the base shape, stones used, elk head, etc. We can mount your ivory in the elk head or on the stone, and more than one elk tooth if you choose. This is a grand and impressive way to display your elk ivory and an excellent way to start a conversation about your adventures. These trophies also make a wonderful surprise gift for that appreciated hunter in your life! A present for Father's Day, Christmas, birthday, Valentines Day, Thankgiving or another special occasion! Contact us with your needs, requirements and even your ideas, and we will be pleased to help you design a trophy and give you a quote. You can purchase one of these trophy creations begining at $69.00 and adding your ideas for additional dollars.
Trophy Plaque
Our personalized laser engraved elk plaque is made of Alder Wood. Engrave your name, date, location and any other information pertinent to acquiring your prize ivory. It measures 8" w x 11" h x 1" deep.
All Ivory bands
matched bands with only Elk Ivory. Ladies is just a little narrower than the mens.
Diamond and Ivory band
This band has 1/4 ct. Diamonds, Or can be made with colored stone or CZ's Can be made in white or yellow gold
WE 01-Elk and Lapis
This design is similar to We 01 but wider with taperd bottom. Can be made with lapis,onyx,turquoise, or opal or other stones. Call for other ideas
WE 02-Elk Track Band with Edges
This is a wedding ring a sportsman would love to wear. It has a comfort fit band.
WE 03-Elk Trail
Customers are desiring more unique wedding rings to symbolize what they cherish. What could be better than this beautiful rendition of elk hoof prints with hammered gold.
WE 04-Rimmed Elk Track
Who said wedding rings have to be traditional? I say, wear and express what you love! And what better way than with this exquisitely rimmed elk track style.
WE 05-Elk Ivory with Blue
This wedding band is created with elk ivory and has a lapis inlay. It is a non-traditional elk look. Availible with lapis, onyx, turquoise, and other gem stones.
WE 06-Elk Ivory and Onyx Inlay
Wedding ring for Ladies and Men. This plain design has Elk ivory inlayed in band with Black Onyx. Could be made with all Ivory or with many other colors inlayed in ring. Call with your ideas.
WE 07-Ivory Bands with diamonds
These wedding bands can be made with many stones like onyx,turquoise,opal, and others and made with Elk Ivory, Yes, elk ivory inlay. Gold has diamonds or could be made with ruby,sapphire, Etc. Silver has C.Z.s .
WE 08-Ivory Wedding Band
This men's wedding band has your ivory set horizontally, with one cut out elk track on each side.
WE 09-Inlayed Ivory and Blue
This matching pair is one of the most elegant wedding rings you can find! They have inlayed ivory and inlayed blue stone with three diamonds in the middle.
WE 10-Inlay with a slant
These rings are unique because the inlay is slanted. Can be made with lapis, onyx, purple, opal or tourqouise. Please note: gold comes with diamonds, but the silver comes with cz's.
WE 11-Twisted Inlay
This ring has three diamonds down the center and blue lapis inlay. Can be made with lapis, onyx, purple, opal or tourqouise. Please note: gold comes with diamonds, but the silver comes with cz's.
WE 12-Double band of Inlay
This ring has two stripes of inlayed ivory and lapis with elk tracks down the center! Can be made with lapis, onyx, purple, opal or tourqouise.
WE 13- Elegance in Elk
This matching set is perfect for elk lovers who don't have any ivory. They both feature elk tracks on both sides, with accent stones in the center.
WE 14- Elk Ivory Inlay
This beautiful design has inlayed ivory and inlayed onyx. It can also have many other colors of inlay to fit your want.
WE 15-Gunsmith Engraved
This design was engraved by our world famous gunsmith engraver from the National Rifle Association.
WE 16-Elk Track and Stone
This beautiful piece has cut out elk tracks with a man made sapphire in the center. Can be made with most colors of stone. Please call for pricing on any genuine stone.
WE 17- Diamond and Inlay Engagement
This ring has inlayed ivory and a 1/4 ct diamond, or you can call for pricing on a 1/3 ct diamond.
WE 18-Inlayed Ivory with Stones
This piece has inlayed ivory and purple, with your choice of colored stones. You can also change your inlay color to turqouise, onyx, or lapis.
WE 19- Diamond Engagement Ring
This ring has inlayed ivory and opal, but it can be made with onyx, lapis, purple, or turqouise. This is priced with out a diamond, but please call for pricing on any size and shape of diamond that you desire.
WE 20- Mountain Scene
This is a classic men's ring with a beautiful mountain scene around the ring.
WE 21- Gunsmith Engraved Wedge
This ring was designed by one of our world famous gun engravers. It's unique shape is great for anyone.
WE 22- Large Elk Tracks
This ring is very similar to WE 03, but it is significantly thicker and wider.
WE 23- Elk Track Wedding Band
Is it any wonder that these loving animals create hoof prints that look like hearts? What a perfect wedding band for our Elk enthusiasts. Also look for our other designs in wedding bands.
WE 24-Inlayed Ivory and Small Color
This wedding ring has inlayed ivory, with a band on each side of turquoise. On each side are elk tracks that have been inlayed with onyx.
WE 25- Diamond Inlay Wedding Set
This wedding set is magnificent! Pictured here with 3/8 ct diamond in 14k yellow gold.
WE 26- Cut Out Elk Tracks
This matching set is unique because the elk tracks are actually cut all the way through the ring. Note: These are priced for the set
WE 27- A River of Stones
This band has cz's set all the way across it. It is very unique with it's tiny copper elk tracks on the sides. Note: silver price is with cz's, and gold prices are with diamonds.
WE 28- Pressure Set
This ring has a 1/4 ct diamond pressure set inthe center of your inlayed ivory. Pictured here in white gold, can be made in yellow or platinum.
BR 01-3 Strand Ivory Bracelet
Bracelet with 3 strands and 2 elk on side of center ivory, you can have gold elk heads on the silver bracelet for only $100 extra.
BR 02-2 Strand Ivory bracelet
This bracelet has ivory with elk and elk track on one side, you may add gold elk head and tracks to the silver bracelet for only $100 extra!
BR 03-Inlay with color and elk track
Very unusual elk ivory inlayed with, also color inlayed. This bracelet has elk tracks around the sides. Specialy fitted to your wrist size.
BR 04-Curved design with ivory center.
This elegant twisted design is desireable by the ladies. Made with a single center ivory wraped with the gold from the twist of the bracelet.
BR 05-Double head elk bracelet
A beautiful design with double elk heads, and ivory set between them. This design is also available in two color. You can call for more information.
BR 06-Antler Bracelet
This classic bracelet has a simple design of two antlers. It is custom fit to your wrist!
BR 07- Three Strand Single Elk
This bracelet has three strands and a single elk head next to the ivory. Pictured here with two tone.
BR 08- Stone Bracelet
This bracelet has one ivory with sapphires on one side and copper elk tracks on the other. The sapphires may be changed to almost any colored stone and the elk tracks may be gold. Call for addtional pricing.
BR 09- Charm Bracelet
This adorable charm bracelet has three charms dangling from it; an elk ivory, an elk head and an antler. Great for the younger elk enthusiast!
CL 01-Cuff Links with ivory
Cuff Links with elk ivory and antlers Many other designs can be made, call for help and ideas.
CL 02- Inlayed Cuff Links
These cuff links have inlayed ivory and inlayed onyx, but they can be made with lapis, opal, or purple. They also have copper hoof prints!
CL 03- Plain Cuff Links
These are a very simple style of cuff link so they go with anything. Great for someone who wants simple and elegant.
CL 04- Square with Antlers Cuff Links
These silver cuff links have a square base and an antler around the ivory.
elk ivory buttons
Buttons made from your ivory
AC 12- Elk Head Watch Band
This watch band has an elk head sitting next to your ivory and an adorable elk track below that. We can make the elk head in gold for $100 extra.
AC 13- Turquoise and Elk Watch Band
This watch band has an elk head, elk track and a piece of real turquoise set around your ivory. Note: the two tone (like in the pictures) is priced different, to add the gold elk heads is $100 extra.
AC 14- Elk and Track Watch Band
This watch band has an elk head with an elk track below it to compliment your beautiful ivory. Pictured here with two color: Price for yellow gold elk head is $100 over the silver price.